Music video


My creations are embodied visuals of my thoughts. Thinking is a development based on everyday data. Active feelings even make me often think about personal progress.
My other works that I took in total for some reason all revolve around one theme. I probably think about it the most, but, naturally, each of them has its specific theme. The video “11th House ” is one of the tributaries of the personal search path that makes me feel like I am a child of a unified world. A world that is constantly trying to take care of me (us). The key is to listen to it’s voice and read it’s messages correctly. It is unfortunate that people often do not understand it’s benevolence and that all obstacles are necessary for our growth.

This video shows the way to get rid of the past and cleanse yourself from low vibrational frequencies. It is a return to the original energy that solely and exclusively serves our spiritual well-being and is cleansed of all negative implants that prevent us from feeling unconditional love and spreading it. We must enable ourselves to be happy and to love the freedom within ourselves, the freedom which is based on forgiveness, which in turn generates new and sincere waves among people.